Armwood High Senior Receives Four-Year Scholarship from Hillsborough Education Foundation, Tampa Bay Seminole Club

When students in Hillsborough Education Foundation’s Take Stock in Children mentoring and scholarship program have met program requirements and successfully graduated from high school, they receive a two-year Florida Prepaid Scholarship. However, thanks to a donation from the Tampa Bay Seminole Club, one deserving Armwood High School senior will receive that and more.

Lizett, a senior in Armwood High’s Collegiate Academy and Take Stock in Children scholar, has a 7.96 weighted GPA and completed 330 hours of volunteer hours. In recognition of her academic achievements and dedication to the community, Hillsborough Education Foundation has presented Lizett with a four-year Florida Prepaid College Plan on behalf of Tampa Bay Seminole Club.

Hillsborough Education Foundation CEO Kim Jowell, who was joined by Lizett’s mentor, college success coach and Hillsborough Education Foundation’s Take Stock in Children program director, informed Lizett that she would be the recipient of the upgraded four-year scholarship during a recent video call.

Jowell said Lizett is incredibly deserving of the scholarship, and she is happy the additional funds will ease some of the economic anxiety Lizett may be feeling about paying for college.

“I know this is definitely not the senior year that you wanted or that we wanted for you, and I know there’s probably some added stress with coronavirus and income and economic impact, but we also know that you’ve worked really hard. I want you to know that other people recognize that. We are all on this call to let you know that you have been given a four-year Florida University Prepaid College Plan, so you don’t have to worry,” Jowell said.

Upon hearing the news that she’d be receiving the scholarship, Lizett was overcome with emotion and gratitude. She explained that the additional financial assistance will lift some of the weight she has been feeling while planning for college.

“It really helps out a lot because I’ve been looking into basically how much I’d have to be paying for college and it’s started to worry me, and this is just a big relief for me actually— knowing that I’ve just earned that.” Lizett said.

When being inducted into the Take Stock in Children Program, students take a pledge of commitment to stay in school, maintain good grades, and make positive life choices throughout high school. According to Take Stock in Children Program leaders, Lizett has gone above and beyond the requirements— making her more than worthy to receive the upgraded scholarship.

“You’ve been upgraded because of all that tremendous hard work and volunteer hours,” Jowell said. “You’ve earned this. That hard work—this is the reward for that. We’re really, really proud of you and we can’t wait to hear all of the great things you’ll do. Please don’t stress any more about college. You get your education and do what you want to do.”

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