Digital Equity in Action: The Case Family

Case Family Digital Equity

Zion (left) and Niya Case

With so many homework assignments requiring a computer, and endless learning resources being made available online, it is more important than ever for students to have reliable technology at their fingertips in order to stay engaged and learning.

Unfortunately, many of the most vulnerable kids in our community do not have a computer or internet at home to access vital educational opportunities, impacting their progress in school. HEF’s Digital Equity initiative helps close that digital divide by providing students, who are referred to our program, with a device and/or WiFi to keep students connected and learning throughout the academic year and beyond.

Because of our donors’ generosity, we have been able to help families like the Cases. Mother Niya Case and her three kids had been relying on one shared laptop to work from home and complete school assignments, until they received a device from HEF. Zion, a incoming junior at Newsome High School, said this gift has helped her tackle her heavy course load.

“Being in high school, you have a lot of projects and a lot of schoolwork and the laptop you provided really helped us with that, so thank you for that,” Zion said. “It was a nice gift for us to use and the internet too because it was pretty bad over here.”

Sahara, an incoming eighth grader at Progress Village Middle School, is thinking ahead with her plans to go to college. She shared how the laptop and WIFI have helped her be at the top of her class.

“Homework in seventh grade is pretty challenging because you have everything sent to you now online, and when you had just one laptop it was pretty hard to just do it all,” Sahara said.

Timothy Case Digital Equity

Timothy Case

Timothy, who was a fifth grader at FishHawk Creek Elementary, made plans to use the laptop to prepare for middle school over his summer vacation.

“I’m taking a few summer school lessons because I need to prepare for 6th grade, especially since I forget fractions a lot,” Timothy said.

When asking the kids about where they get their motivation to do well in school, all three praised their mother for sharing how much she values education.

“Education is important because it is something that they can’t take from you. You know, I want them to succeed and be successful just like myself and not have to struggle,” Niya said. “If you are able to help any family, just know that something that seems small to you will last a lifetime for the kids.”

There are many students, like the Cases, still on our waiting list who we don’t have the funding to help. You can impact a family like this one by donating to our Digital Equity initiative. A donation of $700 – or $60 per month – can provide a student with a laptop, which the family keeps, and internet access for a year.

By investing in students today, together, we can continue to bridge the digital divide and close achievement gaps to build a strong future workforce and prosperous community for everyone.

Visit our Digital Equity page to learn more about the initiative and donate today.