Hillsborough County Public Schools Elevated to Top 20 Districts in State of Florida

School Grades 2022 Press Release from Hillsborough County Public Schools:

Hillsborough County Public Schools Elevated to Top 20 Districts in State of Florida

Newly released school grades show HCPS eliminated nearly half of all persistently low performing schools

Tampa, Fl. (July 11, 2022) – Hillsborough County Public Schools is celebrating a significant milestone, becoming a top 20 school district in the state of Florida after an impressive academic year, illustrating key gains while continuing to successfully turn around persistently low performing schools.

Currently, 96% of schools in the district have received “A”, “B”, or “C” letter grades, a dramatic increase from 2019 when only 86% of schools attained a “C” or above. This achievement has catapulted Hillsborough County Public Schools from 35th ranking in the state to 19th.

Several chronically challenged schools in our district’s Transformation Network far exceeded expectations, demonstrating astounding academic gains for our most vulnerable student populations. Since 2019, the number of “D” and “F” schools within the Transformation Network has fallen from 28 to 5. In total, our district has successfully eliminated nearly half of all schools on the state’s persistently low performing schools list. Some of the most notable accomplishments throughout our district in the state’s newly released accountability report include:

  • Thonotosassa Elementary School improved two letter grades, moving from an “C” letter grade to an “A” for the first time in more than two decades. Thonotosassa has jumped from a “D” to an “A” in only two years.
  • Maniscalco Elementary had the highest point increase in the county over the last two years, jumping 247 points to earn an “A” grade for the first time in 4 years.
  • Heritage Elementary School moved from a “C” to an “A”.
  • James Elementary improved from an “F” to a “C”.
  • McDonald Elementary earned a “B”, increasing two letter grades from a “D”.
  • Sulphur Springs Elementary jumped to a “C” grade after 6 years of a “D” or lower.
  • Robles Elementary attained a “C” grade after 7 years of earning a “D” or lower.
  • Lockhart Elementary improved from a “D” to a “C”.
  • Miles Elementary earned a “C”, up one letter grade from a “D”.
  • 11 schools improved from a “D” grade since 2019.
  • In total, 17 out of 39 schools designated as persistently low performing are projected to be removed from the list due to consistent improvement since 2019.

One of Superintendent Addison Davis’ central goals when entering the district in March of 2020 was to significantly reduce the number of “D” and “F” schools by elevating student performance through proper instructional framework and individual supports. After launching educational priorities with an intense focus on students within the district’s Transformation Network, the number of “D” and “F” schools there decreased by 82%.

“This is a triumphant celebration for our entire community, and it all begins with our talented and dedicated educators who possessed a laser-like focus on accelerated learning while nurturing the emotional well-being of every student. In partnership with educators, support staff, administrators, leaders, families, Board Members, and our community, Hillsborough County Public Schools has realized an incredible trajectory into the top 20 school districts in the State of Florida. I am inspired by the victories we have achieved together so far, and I want our entire community to know this is only the beginning,” said Superintendent Addison Davis.

“I cannot overstate the exceptional commitment to academic excellence by our educators, support staff, and leaders. The obstacles that have continually emerged over the past two years were difficult. Still, our schools remained steadfast and dedicated to overcoming the challenges, resulting in the progress evidenced by the Florida Department of Education data. The school grades affirm that we are on the right course in correcting the detrimental impacts on student learning caused by the pandemic and demonstrate that Hillsborough is poised to achieve even greater success in the years ahead,” said Terry Connor, Deputy Superintendent & Chief Academic Officer.

School principals and Region Superintendents have been at the forefront of this incredible work, providing consistent expectations, guidance, and inspiration on a daily basis. These achievements could also not be possible without the strong leadership from members of the Hillsborough County School Board who have consistently ensured the focus remains on students and staff. The Board has been instrumental in providing proper resources to our instructional leaders to allow them room for tremendous success.