Celebrating National Mentoring Month

January marks National Mentoring Month, a time to celebrate the impactful relationships formed between mentors and mentees. This month is dedicated to recognizing the power of mentoring and its ability to shape the lives of students. In the spirit of this important occasion, Hillsborough Education Foundation is taking significant strides to highlight the importance of mentoring and encourage more individuals to become mentors.

In celebration of National Mentoring Month and recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, HEF is also shining a spotlight on all the incredible acts of service our mentor/mentee pairs have done throughout the year. This day not only pays homage to the legacy of a great leader but also emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community.

This past summer, 51 students and mentors volunteered at Clothes to Kids, Feeding Tampa Bay, Metropolitan Ministries and Sweetwater Farms. We also facilitated a Letters Against Isolation event over fall break where 22 mentors and students came together to write more than 100 cards for seniors!

Through such volunteer events, mentoring becomes a catalyst for positive change, instilling in students a sense of responsibility and commitment to making a difference.

Recently, Jefferson High School student, Jesus Guzman, shared his positive experience with TSIC. Jesus expressed, “It has been good! I have mentoring sessions where I can meet with a mentor who helps me with academics or if I am having any problems. I engage in conversation with my mentor, so I can get to know them personally.” Jesus highlights the holistic support provided by the TSIC program and notes his mentor has helped him improve time management, focus on grades and explore job and community service opportunities.

The impact of mentoring goes beyond academics for Jesus, as he states, “Having a mentor gives me someone to talk to about anything. I would say if you have the opportunity to join the TSIC Program, take it, because it is a huge blessing to me and my family and overall a good program to be in.”

In addition to student testimonials, mentor Cynthia Weiss was featured on WFLA, shedding light on the importance of mentoring and sharing her experiences as a mentor. Her involvement and dedication to guiding students emphasizes the profound impact mentors can have on the lives of young individuals.

National Mentoring Month serves as a reminder of the transformative power of mentoring. One of the key initiatives undertaken by HEF’s Take Stock in Children team is the recruitment of new mentors. We understand that mentoring is a powerful tool in the academic and personal development of students.

By bringing in more mentors, HEF aims to provide additional support to students who may benefit from guidance and encouragement in their educational journey. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a mentor and improving the lives of Hillsborough County Public Schools students, click here to learn more and apply.