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Community Partner—Williams Company Construction

Bob Sanders and colleagues from Williams Company Construction volunteered for a very special delivery at Sulphur Springs K-8 Community School. The team unloaded box after box of Yoobi folders, pencils, erasers, scissors and more onto a cart—preparing to surprise dozens of teachers in their classrooms with the supplies they desperately need to effectively advance student achievement.

“These teachers need the tools to teach these kids. If we can help provide them—we’re happy to do it,” Sanders says.

Hillsborough Education Foundation invests in teachers, along with our community partners like Williams Company, to provide added supplies and support.

“We like to support the schools we do construction work for. This gets us closer to why we are doing this—the kids and the teachers,” says Sanders. “These kids are fabulous. Their teachers are a blessing to everyone. It’s an honor for us to be involved.”

Bob Sanders, Community Partner of Hillsborough Education Foundation, man standing against hallway wall, smiling
Nelidad, Take Stock in Children scholar, Hillsborough Education Foundation, young woman standing at podium speaking


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Nelidad’S Story

Take Stock in Children Student

Nelidad applied for Hillsborough Education Foundation’s mentoring program, because she has big aspirations for a bright future! “I want more for our family. I want to make my mom proud. I want to be a role model for my siblings,” says Nelidad.

The Lennard High sophomore admits the path to high school hasn’t been easy. Her mom is a single mom with a third-grade education, raising Nelidad and her three siblings, while working in the fields. Her job has meant the family had to move around a lot. The kids frequently changed schools. The family’s struggles have inspired Nelidad’s dream to become an immigration attorney.

“I know there are no obstacles you cannot defeat,” says Nelidad. “I love having a mentor who helps me reach my academic and personal goals. I promise I will work hard and make the most of this opportunity.”


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You can support teachers by empowering them with the resources they need to be effective in the classroom.