Teacher Support & Recognition

A teacher’s impact extends far beyond the classroom, the school year and graduation. Our teachers are shaping the future of our community.


The strength of every profession grows from the knowledge and skills that teachers instill in our children.

We believe that empowering teachers with the resources and support they need to be effective in the classroom is critical for student achievement.

Teachers are challenged to reach rigorous achievement standards and better student assessment outcomes. They must engage students in lessons that meet a variety of student learning methods and needs—that’s why one of the ways we support our teachers’ innovative ideas is through school and classroom enrichment grants.

We believe teachers are the foundation on which a prosperous and sustainable community is built.

Your Support


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Teacher Professional Development

Continuous learning and professional development are critical for teachers, but these training opportunities are often limited, due to lack of resources.

HEF continuously looks for opportunities to provide financial assistance for professional development for teachers who show promise and have the eagerness to further their knowledge of effective practices that will result in academic gains for students.



It may be impossible to provide enough recognition for teachers and staff—and the exceptional impact they have on the lives of their students. At HEF, we take pride in doing our part to recognize teachers and district personnel for being the superstars they are—every day.

Excellence in Education 

The premier way we honor standout teachers and staff in Hillsborough County is through our production of the annual Excellence in Education Awards, presented by Suncoast Credit Union.

For more information on our Excellence in Education Awards and this year’s finalists and winners, click here.

Teacher Appreciation Week

The impact that teachers have on their students is one that lasts a lifetime. The positive influence teachers have on our community is truly unparalleled, and we can’t show enough gratitude for them. During this special week each year, we show our appreciation for the amazing teachers in our Title I schools at our Teaching Tools Resource Center.

To learn more about how you can support teachers’ professional development, please contact:

Anna Corman
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 813-463-4283
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