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School & Classroom Enrichment Grants

The grant application period is closed for this year and will open for 2024-2025 applications on July 15, 2024.

Get Funding for your Innovative Idea from HEF and the Community!

Hillsborough Education Foundation uses an online grant application platform that allows teachers and principals to post school projects or programs to seek funding through collective efforts by a pool of individual investors and HEF. Our chosen platform allows the community to search for a specific school, teacher or subject area to see the great work you are doing and select projects or programs to fund.

HEF has dedicated dollars to help fund innovative school and classroom projects. These projects help excite young minds beyond what some school budgets may allow. We encourage those who submit an application to promote their project to garner support through email, Twitter and Facebook using a designated link for each project.

Hillsborough County Public Schools teachers and administrators may submit applications for consideration. Project requests must be at least $100 and cannot exceed $2,000.


What is HEF's review process?

HEF’s Review Committee meets monthly to review applications. Once selections are made, teachers are notified by email and award letters are sent to teachers, principals and bookkeepers.

Can I apply for field trips?

Yes, curriculum-based field trip proposals are welcomed.

What types of things are the Review Committee looking for in applications?

  • Anticipated outcomes support the goals
  • Project and items are curriculum-based
  • Number of students impacted
  • Measurable outcomes are defined, where possible
  • Enrichment experience for students
  • Teacher innovation
  • Cost per student ratio

What types of items will HEF not fund?

    • Technology, such as tablets, iPads, tablets, computers, etc.
    • Any kind of furniture (examples: flexible seating, desks & bookcases).
    • Room décor such as pillows and posters.
    • One-year software subscriptions.

How are funds sent to me?

You will be given the choice of using ClassWallet or having a check sent to your school.

What if HEF has the supplies I need?

Sometimes HEF has access to requested items and may contact you to make arrangements to pick them up. Depending on your location, we may be able to make delivery arrangements.

Can friends and family contribute to my grant request?

Yes, your grant page will have a donation button that anyone can use to contribute funds.

Can I post my grant on my social media?

Yes, and we encourage you to do so as many teachers have experienced success building support for their projects.

What happens if my grant request is partially funded?

HEF may provide you with funding for part of the request and will notify you when doing so.

What happens if my grant request is not funded?

Your grant will stay posted on our website until the end of the grant period, so that it can continue to garner community support.

Will I have to write a final report?

In order to provide donors with information about the impact of their dollars, grant recipients must complete a brief outcomes report, submit a thank you letter along with notes from students, and submit pictures at the end of the school year.

Does my principal have to approve my request?

No, it is not required, however we recommend you communicate your plans with your administration so they are aware.

Do I have to notify the District Grants Office?

Yes, you must notify the HCPS Grants & Research Operations (GRO) office of your intent to apply for funding by completing a Grant Application Notification form. It may also be accessed from the HCPS Staff Hub webpage: use the dropdown menu and select “Grant Application Notification form.” This form must be filled out at least two weeks prior to submitting your grant and must be completed for each opportunity you pursue. Please review the HCPS Grant Guidelines.