Digital Equity

We are creating equitable access to resources by providing our most vulnerable students with the technology and support they need for academic success.

Students need Access to Digital Resources

At-risk students in our community are in jeopardy of falling even further behind in their studies due to a lack of internet and the devices they need to keep them connected to online educational resources and complete assignments at home.

To support students in need, Hillsborough Education Foundation relies on referrals to our program from school counselors, teachers and administrators.

  HEF’s Digital Equity initiative provides a computer the family keeps, Wi-Fi access for a year, digital skills coaching and continued support, so all students can be engaged in their learning.

Overcoming Student

Learning Loss

Student with devices provided by Hillsborough Education Foundation

Bridging the Digital Divide

Many students and their families are facing a lack of internet connection while also overcoming language barriers and limited digital literacy training.

Internet is often the first expense families cut when finances are tight, so students from lower-income households are more likely to be disconnected.

The impact of the Digital Divide, the disparity in digital access between socio-economic, racial and ethnic groups, has been devastating—leading to decreased graduation rates and months of learning loss. A gap that can widen for underserved students who don’t have the same resources and supplemental learning opportunities as some of their peers.

We know a long-term Homework Gap has a lasting impact on our students and on Hillsborough County.


You can become a changemaker for children with a one-time donation of $700 or $60 per month to provide a student with a computer and Wi-Fi for a year.
Thank you for investing in our most vulnerable students to help close the Digital Divide and strengthen public education.


Hillsborough Education Foundation’s Digital Equity Initiative closes opportunity gaps and increases equity in education for Hillsborough County Public Schools students. We are committed to bridging the digital divide by providing technology resources, digital literacy skills training and a critical connection for students.

Current students and families who are in need of assistance with internet access and devices can click the button below to learn more about our Digital Equity Initiative and how to connect with our team.

Hillsborough Education Foundation is grateful for all our amazing partners like Children’s Board of Hillsborough County, Helios Education Foundation, Allegany Franciscan Ministries and many others who support increasing equitable access to digital resources in our community.

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Hillsborough Education Foundation Assists Family With Hotspot for e-Learning

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Through our Digital Equity Team and Tech Connect program, we’ve provided WiFi hotspots and/or laptops to more than 3,000 students, still more needs to be done.