EIE Finalist Information

Deadline: Monday, December 14, 2020

For questions, contact Kendra Oestreich at 813-944-9510 or [email protected]

    Contact Information

    Biography Information

    Please write a biography in the third person (approximately 100 words) that will be used for the event program and include the following: Your education (degree, school), number of years in Hillsborough County Public Schools, accomplishments, activities in and out of the district, personal/family information (optional) and describe what motivates you to excel at your job.
    *Please note that we reserve the right to edit as necessary. Please share photos to highlight your interests and pets (if applicable).

    Student Escort Information

    Student escort introductions will be pre-recorded and will be taped at the student's school the week of January 4th.

    Does Your Student Escort have a Special Need?
    If Yes, Indicate Here:

    Student Chaperone Information