HEF raises concerns over K-12 Public Education Funding in Florida

Hillsborough Education Foundation’s Board of Directors sent the letter below to Governor Ron DeSantis, key legislators and other top state officials expressing our concerns with the legislature passing HB 7045. Our concerns are specific to the increased lack of accountability within the bill and continued difference in standards related to teacher certification and student testing.

Our foundation exists to help support public education. We appreciate parent choice being part of the educational system; however, we believe that schools receiving tax dollars should have the same level of accountability and guidelines as our public schools.

Dear Governor DeSantis:

As a nonprofit focused solely on strengthening public education in Hillsborough County and an education advocate, Hillsborough Education Foundation is concerned about K-12 public education funding and the lack of accountability associated with House Bill 7045.

During a time of budget uncertainty and unprecedented challenges related to the pandemic, public schools need more resources and support to meet the needs of all students. Florida continues to rank among the lowest in the nation—43rd for  K-12 public education funding. Any additional state funding available should be invested in our underfunded public schools.

We are especially concerned about the lack of oversight in the bill caused by reducing the frequency of audits from once per year to at least every three years; as well as the lack of transparency and accountability for private schools that are held to different standards when it comes to teacher certification and testing.

We believe schools receiving tax dollars should have the same level of accountability and guidelines in place to ensure successful student learning and outcomes.

On behalf of the Board,




Royce Reed, Board Chair





Kim Jowell, CEO



Commissioner Richard Corcoran, Florida Department of Education

Senate President Wilton Simpson

House Speaker Chris Sprowls

Senator Jim Boyd

Senator Danny Burgess

Senator Janet Cruz

Senator Darryl Rouson

Representative Mike Beltran

Representative Fentrice Driskell

Representative Dianne Hart

Representative Traci Koster

Representative Andrew Learned

Representative Lawrence McClure

Representative Michele Rayner

Representative Jackie Toledo

Representative Susan Valdes