We Need Your Help Keeping Students Connected

Our most vulnerable students need the same access to a computer and internet as their peers to succeed in school. To support families in need, Hillsborough Education Foundation relies on school counselors, teachers and administrators to recognize when a student doesn’t have the much-needed resources at home and may be struggling to keep up with their academics.

  • So far this school year, our Digital Equity program has received more than 500 referrals from schools.
  • We have been able to provide a laptop that they can keep and internet access for a year to half of those families.
  • Additional funding is needed to support our program and serve another 280 students who remain on our waitlist.

We are asking you to join us to support student success by giving to our Digital Equity initiativeYou can become a changemaker for children with a one-time donation of $700 or $60 per month to provide a student with a computer and Wi-Fi for a year.

We hope you will consider investing in our students to help close the digital divide and strengthen public education today.