We’re keeping you ConnectED – October 2023 Newsletter

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The Importance of Early Literacy

HEF is tackling the critical issue of literacy rates head-on, through our programs like the Transforming Early Literacy Initiative (TELI), understanding the pivotal connection between third-grade reading proficiency and future graduation rates.

By fostering early literacy skills, we’re empowering young minds, paving the way for brighter educational journeys and building a foundation for lifelong success.

Learn more about our work in this area and how it aligns with the district’s priorities in our October newsletter.

Closing the Gender-Based Achievement Gap

Did you know, in Florida and nationwide, girls typically outperform boys in reading and writing and graduate high school at a higher rate?

We wanted to share these important findings from our community partners at Helios Education Foundation and WestEd. The research reveals more about the gender achievement gap and sheds light on the strategies and practices district leaders, teachers and education advocates can implement to help close the divide.

Read more in our October newsletter.

achievement gap

Thank you for joining us at EmpowerED 2023!

With the help of our AMAZING sponsors and guests, we raised more than $110,000 at EmpowerED 2023 to strengthen public education in Hillsborough County.

Didn’t get the chance to attend but still want to support Hillsborough County students and teachers? Click here to donate.

Check out more in our October newsletter.